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Posted on 27/08/12 10:14:41 PM
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Bees aren't always a good thing...
Have you ever wondered why your runner beans don't produce beans? Well I was looking at the bumble bees on mine today and saw that instead of going though the mouth of the flower to get the nectar and getting covered in pollen in the process, they just made a hole in the flower tube and bypassed the the pollen completely. Honestly, you can't trust anything these days! I think the honey bees which come to my plot are distracted by all the borage I grow.

Posted on 29/08/12 5:17:50 PM
emma bateman
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Re: Bees aren't always a good thing...
I noticed loads of BBs yesterday and I also grow Borage, however since I only have 2 runner beans left I don't really care anymore....well this year anyway! The french beans are doing fine, so thats ok!!


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