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Posted on 25/08/12 6:41:23 PM
emma bateman
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Petrol strimmer.
I was told that there is a petrol strimmer for hire kept in the green meeting place at tenantry down? If this is true can i use it?
Emma Bateman plot 38/1.

Posted on 21/01/13 12:04:02 PM
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Re: Petrol strimmer.
Please can someone advise me of where I can borrow a petrol strimmer?
If someone could lend me theirs I would be happy to pay for the loan of it!

Posted on 21/01/13 9:47:50 PM
webeditors robby & ady

Re: Petrol strimmer.
Wotcha, Emma. In this weather? Are you strimming snow?

But seriously, no there's none for hire. Maybe there was, years ago, but not in the last decade or so. There's lots of practical reasons: how would we keep it secure? if someone had an accident, could they sue us? how to arrange collection & return? what if someone refuses to return it?etc. Still, maybe we should consider it for the next AGM. Anyone from the committee listening?

In the meantime, if you email us on webeditor@tenantrydown.org.uk we'll see whether we can find you something.

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