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Posted on 17/04/10 3:32:02 PM
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Carrot root fly
Having tried various ways to manage carrot root fly, I am now not sowing until mid-May, so the first batch of flies will not be attracted to my plot. I will cover the carrots with horticultural fleece in early July, to protect them from the second batch of flies, and lift them before the winter to avoid any late hatching flies.

Any other easy and cheap hints?


Posted on 19/04/10 8:55:25 PM

Re: Carrot root fly
Last year they enjoyed our carrots! I'm determined to win the battle.

Posted on 20/04/10 9:27:42 PM
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Re: Carrot root fly
I leave mine under 'Enviromesh' from when they're sown to when I pick them. I do get one or two maggoty things, (I probably leave gaps between the enviromesh and the ground) but it's not too bad.

I have read that if carrot fly only fly close to the ground so growing them in a raised bed (over 30 cm high) might work. In theory and on the same principle you can put a 30cm high barrier, but you have to make sure there are no gaps at the bottom. I haven't tried either of these

Onions might work as well, but I think this one might be rather impractical. You need a lot of onions per carrot!

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