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Posted on 07/03/10 09:52:17 AM
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Soil enrichment
Hello - I'm a new plot holder - just got the key yesterday.
Anyone know of a good source of manure?

Posted on 07/03/10 6:23:50 PM

Re: Soil enrichment
Congratulations, and it's stopped raining!
Most people seem to buy in manure. There is some free available
at the side of Warren Road but it's not rotted so not much use for this year. One of the site reps. just had some delivered and several others seem to have had some recenty.
Any advice??

Posted on 08/03/10 1:06:24 PM

Re: Soil enrichment
There was a thread somewhere on this... ah.


Posted on 09/03/10 08:35:17 AM
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Re: Soil enrichment
Thanks for the tips
I'll investigate

Posted on 01/04/15 2:12:25 PM

Re: Soil enrichment
Does anyone get manure delivered to the plot? If so where do you get it from and could you give contact detail Thanks.

Posted on 14/03/18 09:07:54 AM
Elizabeth Kemp

Soil enrichment
I have found your contact details from the Tenantry Down website forum, where you were on a thread about compost.

I am planning to get some compost delivered to my plot (number 106 on the lower track on the upper allotments) when the track is dry enough for a heavy lorry. One of my neighbours has used this supplier already and the compost looks clean. Last year one of those enormous bags cost £30 plus £45 for delivery.

I am happy to try to arrange deliveries to other people on the same path, but you will need to make sure there will be a large, accessible, safe space for the delivery as otherwise it will be impossible!

If you want a delivery on the upper track, I could ask if he will do a double delivery for a reduced charge.

Please email me with your plot number and Iíll send you my phone number.



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