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Posted on 28/11/09 11:53:09 PM

I planted two small rhubarb plants a couple of months ago in a large bed with plenty of well-rotted manure dug in. The wind and rain have been so harsh that they are now bereft of leaves and I can't even see exactly where they are. I would like to know if you think they will grow at all please -or shall I have to beg or buy some more plantlets?

Posted on 29/11/09 9:04:11 PM
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Re: Rhubarb!!
Is it possible that they've just gone in to hibernation for a few months? Is it a good idea to cover them with straw or something up there or does that just encourage the slugs? (What I want to know is why St Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland when he could have banished all the slugs and snails instead? - Obviously he didn't have an allotment and bought all his food from the supermarket). Speaking of allotments, next time I'm up at mine I'll have a look to see if there are any bits of Rhubarb I could dig up for you.

Posted on 30/11/09 10:26:45 PM

Re: Rhubarb!!
Thank you Ady. Mmh, we have lots of slugs but some kind of protection for the rhub is probably a sensible idea -I'll see to it without delay! Dave in Lewes in a couple of days -says he will ring you with a view to meeting up. BFN

Posted on 23/03/10 08:43:52 AM

Re: Rhubarb!!
Maybe you are starting to see some red buds pushing through the dead leaves by now, Julie? If so, don't harvest from new plants for the first year, so they can get established.

If you want to have some rhubard this year and/or want to have an old crown to divide for your own allotment, do post a further message, as I have plenty to share.

Posted on 13/04/10 1:04:06 PM

Re: Rhubarb!!
Hi Elizabeth,

I think perhaps it was you that Graeme and I said hello to yesterday. If you do have any rhubarb going spare that would be wonderful.

If you get a chance, drop me an email when you're planning to dig it up (victoriahume@hotmail.co.uk). Thanks so much!


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